Quality, defined in the details

Every Designated Developments home is built with uncompromising detail and craftsmanship. This means the home buyer will be purchasing a unique home with high value, but also one that comes with a fair price when compared to the end product.

We are committed to innovation and having high standards in order to exceed our client's expectations, while we are also able to work within a budget, using the resources that are available and staying on target.


Our Experience

With almost 20 years experience building homes, we have developed a broad network of reputable sub-trades, suppliers,
and consultants who help us deliver our projects on-time
and on-budget.


Built for the West Coast

Designed and built for the West Coast environment, our homes
are built strong and will keep homeowners warm and dry in Victoria's rainy winters, while comfortable and energy efficient
in British Columbia's beautiful summers.


Designated by the Details

Developed with the details as a priority, our homes are finished to endure with expert craftsmanship and using only the best products and supplies in our construction. This leaves a lasting impression with the home buyer knowing that they have purchased a quality product and a home that has immediate value.



Our designated reputation comes with the help of our partners — Vancouver Island’s most respected professionals.